Happy Birthday Silas Ethan!

One year ago we welcomed this precious boy into the world! What a great day that was.
I look back and realize how much has changed since then. Not only do we have a bright, happy, exuberant, active 1 year old, but also he has met his daddy who our Heavenly Father so graciously brought home to us from Afghanistan after 15 months!

May 2011

  •  By far your biggest accomplishment has been sleeping in your new big boy bed ALL night long! We are so proud of you!
  • Walking at 11.5 months
  • Coming down with a nasty case of Roseola
  • Saying “Mama” or “MAAAAAA”, “ball” along with your favorite “dadddaaa” and “baaabaaa”
  • You figured out how to climb down the back porch steps all by yourself.
  • climbing on mama’s bed and off the couch. 
  • Working on putting away toys for clean up time
  • playing and blowing bubbles
  • I’m not sure there are any new foods you have tried this month… I did find out you don’t like cream cheese on your bagels. You can eat a whole apple all by yourself. You love your sippy cup. Your doing much better with meat, and enjoy pasta the most I think. You also like to eat sandwiches or in-n-out burgers and taking big bites!
  • You love playing peek-a-boo with your blanket (which now goes everywhere with you)
  • You always have a special smile for grandma when she comes over

Favorite Things:

  • playing outside on your slide, or with your water table and toys
  • going for walks
  • playing at the park and seeing friends
  • you do great taking naps in your big boy bed
  • pita chips and strawberries are favorite foods right now!

1 year old Stats:

  • 19 pounds 8 ounces … You have gained 11 pounds & 7 ounces since you were born!
  • 30 1/2 inches long … that means you grew almost 10 inches in one year!
  • Walking unassisted
  • 6 teeth (working on a few molars)
Silas boy, you bring so much joy to your daddy and mama! And everyone around you! I think you are one of the most loved boys I know! It has been a joy this past year to see you grow from a tiny  baby to a walking toddler. You are passionate, smart, thoughtful and curious. I hope that as you grown, we raise you to use your talents and passions for God’s glory. He made you for a very special mission in this world, and I can wait to see it unfold!

I love your chubby cheeks, your feet that you use like hands, your eyes that light up, your sweet laugh and ever learning mind. Never stop learning, and never stop being my baby Silas.

All my love, 
                                    Your Mama

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