Menu: May 15th

Brock had his first week back at AUDI (SO PROUD OF HIM!) and  Silas has been sick the last couple days, so I’ve been a little behind on things.
I also realized that I kept put a few items on my menu list off this week. While I don’t usually pick items that are too hard or require to much work, a few of them required more work and time then I had. I ended up wishing for a miracle and settled on Del Taco last night after a rough day. In an effort to not have many of those nights,  I realized, I need to simplify my menu. It doesn’t do any good to menu plan if the food doesn’t get eaten, RIGHT??!
Thus, my menu is anything but inspiring. Good thing my guys don’t care too much!
Here what our week looks like…
Sloppy Joes & Broccoli
-Spaghetti, bread & salad
-Black Bean Quesadillas
-Tamale Pie (Frozen Leftovers)
-Grilled Cheese & Soup

This week I’m going for another pantry shopping week and limiting my store shopping to fruits, veggies, milk and a few sale items to stock up. 

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