11 Months

April 2011
Like most months, this was another big month for Silas in a lot of way!
  • 6 teeth in; 4 top, 2 bottom
  • Last weigh in was 19 pounds 14 ounces (gained 1 pound this month)
  • Stand on his own! From Sitting, to squatting, to standing
  • Shakes his head & says “no” when he does something he know he shouldn’t
  • Still working on being kind and gentle with our hands and mouth
  • Says “DadddaaaDaaadaaa”
  • Loves to clap, wave, give bear hugs & pats on the back, pointing and great big cheesy smiles
  • Silas has found the toilet and thinks its his pool. So gross…
  • Climbing over the couch back onto the computer table, climbing out of his high chair (while strapped in)
  • Turning on and off light switches or the lamp
Favorite Things:
  • Loves playing with his daddy
  • Happiest when playing outside with his toys, at a park, or recently the beach
  • Really enjoyed beans, rice, salsa, quesadillas & burritos, taking big boy bites, and pretty much whatever mama & dada are eating at the table!
  • Flipping pages in books
Not so Favorite Things:
  • Morning Nap time
  • mama leaving the room
  • Getting electronic or no no things taken away
  • Saying good-bye to friends Samuel & Sadie


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