Menu Planning Websites

Call me crazy, but making menu planning easy, fun and accessible is what makes me LOVE menu planning. Planning out my menus for the weeks helps save money, stay organized, and not have an afternoon rush to figure out dinner, less grocery trips, etc…
I heard about RELISH RELISH a few months ago and had wanted to try it out. When Plumb District came out with a deal for $16 for 6months I couldn’t pass it up… After using Relish Relish for the past few weeks now, I’ve found many great parts that I have enjoyed, but it has left something to be desired on my part. This is what I’ve learned about my online menu planning “desires”… 
I like using my own recipes and wanted something I could easily add my own recipes to. I also wanted someone else to combine a shopping list for me, and have an online format for my planning. Too many papers around the house don’t sit well with me. 
Then I found, SayMmm
So far, I LOVE it! I takes some time at first to input your recipes and such, but to me, well worth it. You can plan your daily, weekly and even monthly meals and even plan in restaurant outings. Say Mmm complies a grocery list for you (when you write your recipes) as well as a separate “pantry check”! There is also a section with coupons, browse other people’s recipes, share recipes with friends, and so much more.
With all these great features, what I think I love most about SayMmm is that it is FREE with an optional upgrade (storing over 100 menu recipes along with price & calorie tracking) and a  fabulous Mobile Site which allows you to access your menus & shopping list on the go!

I think I have found my Menu Planning Match! 


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