Dried vs. Canned

A couple months ago I was debating time & energy of cooking Dried Beans vs. just popping open a can of beans with some of my mama friends. One cooked her own, the other mostly did canned, as did I.


However, we have been going through Black Beans as quickly as tortillas and cheese around here. Our favorite quick meal has become Black Bean (and sometimes chicken) Cheese Quesadillas. After going through about 3-5 cans a week at $1.15 each (Trader Joes Organic) I decided to try my hand in dried beans.

Wow, was I surprised how easy they were to cook in the crock pot and how good they turned out!

So, is it worth it to you? You decide!
$7 worth of Dried Organic Black Beans yielded 200oz of beans.
$7 worth of Canned Organic Black Beans gets you about 5 cans at Trader Joes which is about 75oz of beans with liquid. 

My freezer is now happily full of black beans. Hopefully it will last us a few weeks =)

Want to make your own dried beans? Here is Emily’s recipe that I have been using!

1. Soak bean first for 8+ hours in water with 2 TBSP of yogurt miked in.  You may have to add more water as the time passes because the beans may absorb it all, just keep them covered.  The soaking with the yogurt will help decrease the likelihood of getting gassy πŸ™‚
2. Drain the beans & rinse when the time is complete, place beans in your crock-pot and cover in enough water that there’s 3-4 inches of water over the top of the beans
3. Cook on low for 10 hours in the slow cooker, or until beans are soft!

If you are thinking ahead for dinner, soak beans over night, rinse & start cooking in the morning to cook all day! Then, you will have beans just in time for dinner!

If I am just making a batch, I usually reverse the order. Soak all day, Cook all night. Then, in the morning, I can divide beans & clean the pot! Options are endless!

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