Fall, all year round: 2

Here is an update on my new habits that I am working on…
This weekend was successful and I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all. I think the key to this was that my new “habits” happen throughout the day. I’m not slammed with a huge cleaning mess a few times a week before friends come over. Instead, its a great, logical clean as you go type routine! Thanks to my friend, Jessie, for the great reminder I should be pointing out that I am using a lot of the Fly Lady‘s techniques. Sometimes she overwhelms me with so many great ideas, so for the time being, it is just a few things here and there that hopefully will make our house a cleaner, happier, calmer home!!!

  • Daily
    • Dressed, hair, make up: 1st thing in the morning
    • wash out the sink  & clean up my bathroom after getting ready for the day
    • Sweep Once a Day
    • Cleaning the kitchen before going to bed- dishes clean, washed & put away! counters cleaned off!
    • Next day’s menu decided (meat defrosting, breakfast set out, etc)

  • Weekly
    • Clean out fridge Monday night before taking out the trash! 
    • Wednesday – bathroom cleaning
    • Menu planning Thursdays (using RESLIH RELISH!)
    • Sunday – coupon clipping & writing shopping list

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