fall, all year round

“yeah, its kinda like raking leaves under a tree during fall, when all the tree does is drop leaves”

trying to keep my little house clean, on top of laundry, yummy meals to make, baby to look after, and social events too…

how does one keep up with everything and not go mad? 

  • i am going to work on cleaning the kitchen before i go to bed- dishes clean, washed & put away! counters cleaned off!
  • sweep once a day 
  • wash out the sink  & clean up my bathroom after getting ready for the day
  • start menu planning thursday so when sunday rolls around coupon clipping isn’t a problem or stressful!
  • clean out fridge monday night before taking out the trash!

these are the first 5 things i am going to “tackle” this coming week.

how do YOU keep your house clean & insanity in  tact? do you have a routine for cleaning bathrooms, laundry, etc?  i would love to hear your ideas!

3 thoughts on “fall, all year round

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