Confessions of an (almost) insane Mama

This week has been a busy one to say the least. Brock declared this weekend for a garage sale & we started cleaning out our “storage” unit (ahheeem, parent’s garage). 6am Friday morning came all too quickly for us. A garage sale + baby is a hard task, let me tell you! Especially when April turns summer with temps of 90’s.

After another long day of garage sales, playing with friends, a shopping date, dinner & crazy baby on a few hours a sleep, I was about to bust my seems…

…my inbox has far too many un answered emails
…my coupon binder is exploding
…i have mail waiting to be sent
…my computer desk is a mess
…my kitchen & floors need attention
…the laundry room is filled (and i am so not kidding) with just that
…a messy messy bedroom that needs to be organized
…a ton of junk waiting to be thrown out, sorted and things to put away
…diapers needing to be washed
…books at the library to be picked up
…menu’s to be written
…bills to be paid
…birthday invites to design
…other invites to send
…belated gifts to buy
and the list goes on.

I took some friends advice from mom’s group on Thursday. I told the man I needed to get out, the baby was now daddy duty & I was headed to Starbucks. I stopped by & picked up my friend Jessie and we headed out!

A good chat, lots of laughs, my coupon binder is clean, my “mind” is organized, and I feel like I have a handle on life again. So glad for time away, to clear my head, enjoy a friendship & get back in the saddle again! I may be up all night, but I am looking forward to getting things done and feeling refreshed.

Thank you Jesus for my family, for my friends, and for coffee.
Thank you for caring for my physical and mental health. Thank you for a supportive husband who shoos me out when I need it most. Thank you for parents who give us a break when we need it as a couple. Thank you that you give me all I need to make it through the day! Thank you for blessing me with friendships that teach me so much & love me despite my weaknesses! Thank you for this beautiful night, even the warm night air. Thank you for a beautiful town to live in, an amazing house to live in, and a comfy bed to rest on. Thank you for an amazing little boy who calls me mama… or someday will anyway =)  Thank you for all you have blessed me with. Please remind my spirit of all I have to be grateful for!

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