Adventures with Silas: Escape Artist

As I’ve said before, I’m horrible with keeping a baby book. So blogging & my shutterfly updates will serve as memories keepers for the Buoniconti family I think.

Anyway, Adventures with Silas: Escape Artist

Today I left Silas home with Brock while I was at my moms group at Church. When I got home Brock had a story for me….

As Brock was cleaning up the laundry room out back, he put Silas in his wagon right at the door. After a few minuets Brock realized he didn’t hear Silas talking anymore. He turned around & Silas was gone. Not in the wagon, not on the patio, driveway, grass or behind the house… Brock kept calling Silas’s name and finally heard him giggle… IN THE HOUSE! Silas has made his way out of the wagon, out the laundry room door, up 5 stairs into the house & shut the back door.

All I could do was laugh. Silas Boy, what are we going to do with you?

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