Menu Planning

I’ve been trying to get better at menu planning, grocery shopping & implementing. Ever sine the “men” moved in, it has been much easier since I am cooking for 4, instead of just baby Silas and myself.
My friend, Jessie Davis, inspires me every week with new amazing looking dishes. However, my men don’t like to be too adventurous. So I try to stick close to home and branch out ever so slightly as not to scare them into asking for PB&J (a huge favorite along with Kraft Mac & Cheese—GROSS)

Baby Silas will eat pretty much anything I give him as long as it does contain meat. Well, maybe that isn’t true. He will eat sausage lasagna by sucking the cheese and veggies out, then every so politely pull out the meat contents and leave it in a pile on his tray. *awesome*

Anyway, as I was menu planning today, I realized I don’t have as many fabulous recipes as I would like. And, I don’t know where else to look, as I feel I have exhausted most of my usually blog/food haunts.

Suggestions please??! I’d love to hear your favorite recipe blogs, recipe web sites, links to your favorite family/budget/time recipes!


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