The Aquarium

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to go with Brock to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I haven’t been since Jr. High probably, and I remember it being really fun! Since time has been scarce the last few years, it was on our to do list as a family outing! With Brock’s birthday this weekend, he suggested we take a day to go this week!

One of the great exhibits is touching sting ray’s & other slimy animals… As Brock lifted Silas over the side to take a peek, he reached his hand right in the water! We both had a good laughed about how fearless he is! I shot a few pics, and then a few of the ground as his next move after touching them was to suck his wet, gross fingers…. oh boys.

Silas was so into everything! He loved watching the Sharks dart around in the Shark lagoon!
Playing on the sharks with daddy!
Poor guy kept banging his head into the glass as he tried to get a closer look… or go for a swing. Not really sure which! But after a few mishaps, he started to reach his hands out first!
I think the top 2 favorite looking faves were the bright fishys in the Hawaii/Rainforest area & the jelly fish!

Loved watching these two talk about the fish, God’s creation & His amazing imagination.

We had a great time!! The Long Beach Aquarium is perfect for toddlers & children. Not too huge that you can’t see everything, its fun and lots to see, and there isn’t anything you can’t really touch! I’m looking forward to more family fun trips in our future!



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