Starbucks & Family

This week being Starbuck’s 40th Anniversary has brought back a lot of memories for me, which led to more memories…

Starbucks equates many memories of being young.
I must have been 8 or 9 when my older sister, Sharyl, worked at Starbucks…
We were probably the only kids who ever went to Starbucks back then. We would go visit her often & loved it! When she worked at night, there were always yummy pastries for breakfast the next morning (nothing like what they have now, by the way!) I remember waking up to the smell of coffee in my room. My sister always smelled like sunshine and coffee to me.

Those were the days… long summer nights by the pool. Never ending Snapples drinks in the pool house fridge… Sunflowers and Daisy flowers… Falling asleep in random bed during story time.

I often miss those days. Not so much because we had no worries as kids, or because there were no bills to pay, dinners to make, homes to clean. But because we were all together. I miss my sister more then words can say. But maybe someday we will all be together again. Even if only for a week long vacation. Even if she cant be here, or down the street, I’m glad that she is only a phone call away.

I’m sure glad God so skillfully pieced together our family!!!


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