9 months old!

I feel like I just wrote an 8 month old post.. really?!

Silas Stats:
  • 17 lbs & 4oz (15%)
  • 29 in long (80%)

February 2011
  • Besides two little bottom teeth, Silas’s two top teeth just made their appearance!
  • Silas is exploring more & finding new things to do every day! Lately it has been a side table with a door. Open & Close, Open & Close. Sometimes he puts a toy in there, and then acts surprised when he opens the door again. Its pretty cute.
  • He is playing on his own so well, and loves to do new things,then look at me with a big smile! He is all about affirmation and encouragement. (Which isn’t hard to give!)
  • We have spent the better part of this month getting better from being sick. But once we were all better, we have enjoyed the nursery & friends at church, story time at the library with Sadie, play dates with friends, seeing Grandpa & Grandma (Herring) a lot, and this weekend, mowing the lawn with Unky and a visit from Nani & Grand-dad!
  • Bed time keeps getting earlier. Many nights you are asleep around 6 or 6:15pm. Night time he sleeps ok. Still getting up many times during the night to eat and cuddle.
Favorite Things:
  • Meal & Snack time: You love anything crunchy, applesauce is a big hit too right now. You have ventured into string cheese, goldfish, apple crisp crunch sticks, oatmeal squares cereal, mandarin oranges, squaw bread, veggie sausage, onions, tomatoes & mushrooms.
  • You don’t like it if i try and touch your food. You grunt at me and try to move my hand. Its kind of cute how possessive you are about your food. But sometimes I need to keep you from stuffing it all in your mouth at once!
  • Walks outside
  • Your new musical toys the sing & light up.
  • Standing & Walking along the couch
  • Waving hi & bye
  • Clapping when happy!
  • Putting a stacking block into its bigger nesting block all by his self.
  • Silas loves to babble & talk to himself. Waiting for that “mama” still tho!
  • Dancing and moving his legs and booty to music! Love it!

Not So Favorite Things:

  • Nap time. You don’t like being left in your crib. But your doing a lot better!
  • When mama leaves the room or friends leave!

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