Perfect Friday

Gloomy, Stormy & Cold.

What else to do, but have a play date with your best buds?
Sadie, Samuel & Silas played together this morning, while the mama’s had us a fun chat.
Whenever I see these three together, I can’t help but smile. Somehow, I didn’t get any pictures, sadly!

After a lovely nap, I made sure to take some pictures of the little guy. I was reading on the couch, and just loved watching Silas play by himself. First, a DVD box kept him occupied for about 30 min. Then it was the napkin. Followed by realizing he could open a little door on a side table. It was so sweet to watch him play, talk and giggle to himself.

The days are passing all too quickly as my baby is quickly growing into a toddler.

I love your personality little man. Keep exploring, learning, loving and being your sweet little self!


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