8 Months

Where does the time go?!

8 months old? WOW!

January 2011 was a busy month for Silas:
.Silas now is sporting a 2 tooth smile
.Crawling and Climbing over everything, Standing up on everything & Opening everything (he shouldn’t of course!)
.Sitting & playing with toys
.Doing the “Mowgli” (Trying to stand & walk at the same time)
.Waving when he is happy
.Giving big wet kisses
.A few trips to Yuma, AZ,Disneyland, The San Diego Zoo, the mall, story time, the nursery at Church, and so much more!
.Bed time is strictly 6:30pm and you enforce it well! You usually wake up with a smile on your face around 6:30am, sometimes I am lucky and its 7!

Favorite Things:
.Spending time outside & taking lots of walks
.Playing with friends
.Splashing at bath time
.MEAL TIME! Soup, Pasta, Bread, Cheerios, Crackers, Pear pieces, All fruits & veggies, Snap Pea Crisps, Rice Cakes, Yogurt, AppleSauce, and so much more!
.MUSIC! Current favorites: Dynamite, Taio Cruz. Puff, the Magic Dragon, Peter,Paul And Mary. Rocky Raccoon, The Beatles. Brandon Heath, Andrew Peterson, Phil Wickham, U2… (Ok, well he likes the stuff on my iTunes;) )

Not so Favorite Things:
.Getting his nose wiped
.Having a cold
.Mama leaving the room
.Nap time

Silas, you are such a fun, friendly little boy. I realize every day how much you are growing and we are quickly leaving the baby days behind us. I am so proud of you little guy! You are loved by many and bring a smile to everyone around you!


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