Confessions of a Busy Mama

Today we had a great time a play group. However, we missed a morning nap.

A quick stop at Whole Foods served as a nap for a cranky, tired baby. Hoping if I quickly fed Silas, changed & laid him down, he would go back to sleep once at home. No such luck. After 3 hours of eating, nursing, changing, rocking, and letting him cry in his crib, I have finally given up.
On one hand I am frustrated I didn’t get my Target, Sprouts & Trader Joes shopping done. But I also know if I had, Silas probably would have screamed the entire time or fallen asleep. Doesn’t he get I am trying to do laundry, pack, get groceries, and be ready for a weekend trip to Arizona? Doesn’t he get I am tired and need a break? Doesn’t he understand if he just slept he would feel so much better? No… He doesn’t. And it frustrates me!
Maybe I’m too busy for my own good & his as well? Maybe I try to do too many things in one day? Frustrated how days start so well, and quickly go down hill after lunch. Wishing for the lightbulb of the beauty in naps to go off in Silas’s head…

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