2010 has been a memorable year for the Buoniconti Family for sure.

January 2010 – 20 weeks pregnant. brock worked nights. training for afghanistan started.
February – brock training in nor cal for the month. baby shower for silas thrown by my bff.
March – brock comes home for a week before leaving for mobilization in mississippi. yellow ribbon ceremony before leaving. celebrating brock’s birthday early with our families.
April – brock’s 26th birthday! 35 weeks pregnant. last day of work.
May – Samuel Heiner arrives may 2nd! surprise visit from brock for the weekend. laura comes to stay with me for a week. may 31st due date comes and goes…
June – our niece selia mae is born june 7th! 41.5 weeks pregnant & silas ethan arrives june 8th! 8lbs 1 oz! brock & i celebrated our 3rd anniversary.
July – happy birthday to me. silas spent a weekend at CHOC with a high fever.
August – silas and i helped out at vbs at calvary church. we got disneyland passes and took advantage of the cool weather. lots of swimming for silas in the warm spa & bbqs with grandpa! silas’s 1st trip to the lake arrowhead cabin! lots of play dates as well. silas learns to roll over just before his 3 month birthday!
September – life for silas became much happier. we started tuesday morning bible study (esther) as well as moms & more during the week at church. dan & i took silas to nashville & spent a week with our sister & family.
October – my parents & i took silas to yosemite for our dear friend megan’s wedding and then onto nor cal to visit various friends! silas & samuel dressed up as aaron & moses for halloween.
November – silas started scooting around on the floor, getting up on his hands and knees & moving all around! silas went to his first ducks hockey game with grandpa & mama. we started packing up our duplex and moved into our new historic house just a mile away, still in our beloved old town. silas also started solids.
December – settling in to our new house. busy decorating for christmas. brock home a few days before christmas. lots of celebrating with friends and family. silas’s first hair cut. a trip to the snow with the heiners.

As 2011 is now here, we look forward to many changes. We pray for Brock’s safety as he returns to Afghanistan this coming week. Silas as he grows and matures. For wisdom, patients and love as we continue to raise Silas as God would have us.
God has faithfully provided for us and our every need this year. To Him be the glory.


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