5 months!

Sweet kisses for Mama…

I am a week late on getting to this 5 month post… But I think that moving is a good excuse!

How old are we? Silas is now 5 months old! (an 1 week….)

How big are we? Guessing around 16lbs…

Favorite thing to do? Silas love playing with friends, scooting around the floors, taking walks and playing with all his toys!
Favorite toy? Silas loves his Rain forest JumpaRoo, toys that makes noise or sing. Lots-o-Links are always a winner too.
Favorite things to AVOID… or not do =) Silas isn’t a fan of being left alone. He is doing much better in the car and rarely cries, so that is wonderful!
Milestones from this past month… Silas is scooting and getting up on his knees to crawl. Gotta keep an eye on this kid, he is a mover! It’s crazy.

Silas gets cuter, funnier, and sweeter every day!

What friend’s are all about…

Oh sweet lips =)

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