Veterans Day

Today we celebrate the 91st Veterans’ Day in our countries history.

There are lots of thoughts swirling in my mind today. I think my mood is matching this blustery weather today. Last week at the plaza flag ceremony, the names of 65 soldiers were read. 65 men, women, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers…. 65 soldiers gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of our country.
Out of those 65, 14 were Marines from 3/5 Dark Horse. The company has lost 14 since they left for their mission in Afghanistan just barely a month ago. My brother in law, David Edison, was supposed to deployed with this company. One of his friends, Ian Tawney, was among the Marines killed this past month. He left behind a wife, who is 8 months pregnant.
This is what weights heavy on my heart today. Many times these holidays are a nice reminder to say thank you to our fathers & grandfathers who served in WWII, or a friend who went to Vietnam… But the stories of our friend, our peers, who are dieing is much harder to swallow.

While I am extremely grateful for the Veterans who have selflessly served our country, I am also grieving for the families who have lost their loved ones today. Pray with me for those serving our country, and their families left behind.


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