Silas the Man

Silas is into many new things this past week.
1. He is rolling over more often from tummy to back. Not a favorite position for the little guy, but he will do it.
2. He is getting really good at sitting up. He can do it for up to a minute or more depending on what else he is doing.

3. He likes to sit up in high chairs, on the couch, etc… now too! High Chair on order!!!! Watch out world. We will be ready for solids in a few short weeks =)
4. He got rejected… [pictured below] My friend Sarah and I took the kids to lunch the other day. Her daughter Corrie doesn’t care for Silas too much I guess. She wasn’t a fan of his flirting. Don’t worry, he will be back in action with his other ladies in no time!

5. Silas & Sam got dressed up for Treats in the Streets tonight in the Plaza. Sam was Moses with beard, staff & snake! Silas was Moses’s brother Aaron and even had his budding staff… They were super cute! Pictures to come…

1 more week until Silas turns 5months old! Where oh where did it go?!

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