In 10 short days, this will be our new home!

Unky Dan, Silas and I will be moving to the 1920’s Craftsman Bungalow down the street, in Old Towne Orange.
We couldn’t be more excited about the blessing. I am really looking forward to the memories we will make here, the family get togethers, seeing Silas grow up here, and the opportunity to continue to live here on Old Towne. We have been taken by the charming little towne and love all it has to offer. But aside from shops, restaurants, parks and lovely walks, this is home to many of our dearest friends as well. As I have embarked on this new adventure of parenthood I have had the amazing support of not only my family, but our awesome neighbors and landlords. It is painfully hard to leave our cozy duplex. There have been more then a few occasions of shed tears, hugs and tearful conversations. But I think that this will be a healthy and needed move for our little growing family. Our duplex has been perfect for us for this past year. Brock and I got to move in last October and enjoy a few short sweet months together. When he left for training and eventually Afghanistan, it was comforting to have Kevin & Emily right next door. From walks, to grocery shopping partners, driving me & being with me for Silas’s birth, encouragers and friends, I don’t think I could have started this parenting gig, without my hubby home, with out them!

It sure will be exciting to see how this move goes! I am so excited for some more room, Silas to have his own bedroom, and extra room to run and play!

Prayers over the next few weeks as we transition to living “on our own”, Silas moving to his own room, getting settles, etc, would be much appreciated!

Pictures to follow soon!

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