4 Months Old!

Good day in the Bumbo??

Silas loves his jumpy chair!

Silas (4 months) Sadie (11 months) and Samuel (5 months)

Saturday morning kids show!

Tired Boy

Silas is now 4 months old!
How old are we? 4 months today! (10-8-10)

How big are we?Today he got weighed at Dr. Sears…. He is now 14lbs 8 oz & 26 inches long!

Favorite thing to do? Lately it’s been all about the play dates. Silas loves playing with is friends! Between Sam next door & Sadie down the street we keep busy! Silas also hangs out with our friend Corrie & Abby as well! Silas loves rolling over, mostly from back to tummy, for tummy time. He got a Sophie [la girafe] today. Sam loves his, so Silas felt a little left out when Sam & Sadie are playing with theirs! We currently enjoy our stroller a lot more then we used to! Walks have become a little more pleasant without having to wear a baby the whole way! Silas has also enjoyed a few days a Disneyland as of late! We are going on weekly Disney Dates with the Herring grandparents! He also enjoys all the attention he gets from the ladies at Bible study on Tuesday mornings!
Favorite toy? Well, Silas loves his small “lovie” still for sure! He likes to hold it most of the time. But if that isn’t around, he likes holding a blanket. He is also enjoying his new car toy. He is able to kick it and make noise. Anything you can do with your feet is great!
Favorite things to AVOID… or not do =) The car is still not his friend. But he doesn’t cry nearly as much anymore!
Milestones from this past month… hmmm… Well, now that Silas is rolling over both ways, we are starting to work on sitting up. He doesn’t really see the need for it yet, so its not flying. But he is scooting or pulling himself across his play mats or blankets.

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