3 months

Silas is now 3 months old! You don’t really realize how fast it does go by!

How old are we? 3 months today! (9-8-10)
How big are we? Silas is getting bigger for sure… in a good, baby way of course! I’m guessing at least 13lbs, but i really have no idea =)
Favorite thing to eat? Of course Silas loveS Diet Coke and Starbucks Iced Coffee =)
However, no solid foods for the time being.
Favorite thing to do? Silas loves to “play” on his activity mat. Play with Sam. Loves to swim with grandpa in the pool [loves hanging out in his floaty and kicking from one side of the spa to the other!]
Sleeping? Silas is still going to bed by 8pm. If he isn’t in bed right away, by8:01 eyes start to go and there is no turning back. He is getting up earlier now. Around 7am or 7:30. But nap time is usually around 8:30 or 9 now! He sleeps for about 2 or 3 hours. In his world, ideally he would be back down after an hour of playing! But usually gets a nap in the early afternoon for another 2-3 hours and another short one around dinner time.
Favorite toy? Well, Silas loves his small “lovie” blanket from his nani! He holds it, likes to sleep with it, take it in the car, etc… He also likes playing with toys with his feet!
Favorite things to AVOID… or not do =) Still hates riding in the car!
Milestones from this past month…rolling over! from back, to tummy!


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