Just finished DAY 3 of SHRED!
This may not seem like a big deal, but consistency is awesome and I am proud!!!
I’d be happy to be -10 lbs and toner after 30 days. We will see =)


This week has been a crazy one. I am ready for Friday for sure. Not the Friday really means anything, seeing as the weekend is not any different for us really!
This week has just been a roller coaster for me. Lots of emotions for different things. Excitement, Sadness, Happy, Frustrating. Looking towards the future, but loving life here and now.
God is good. And I am praising Him for providing me with such an abundant life. I realized I am sad about the blessings He is bestowing on me and it’s a strange feeling. Growing is hard, but it has to happen. So I am ready for the challenge and excited to see where things end up.
Stay tunes for some loops the the roller coast ride of the Buoniconti’s life!

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