Confessions of a Lazy Mama

Confessions of …. a Lazy Mama: Halloween
My friend Jen was telling me what her daughter Abby is going to be for Halloween. Honestly I hadn’t given this much thought for Silas… I saw some cute outfits at a few stores, browsed online, etc… But i didn’t want to spend a lot on a costume he would never wear again. So, while shopping at GAP [with coupon of course!] So, being a lazy mama in the department, I saw this, and decided Silas would be a ….

You guessed it! LION!

Isn’t he so cute? [if i do say so myself!] Don’t worry, I didn’t splurge on the whole velor getup with matching crocheted booties. But I figure, a cute hat for $11?! Why not… I’m sure a tan shirt and jeans will complete the outfit just fine!

Now I’m kinda excited for Halloween and our LIGHT the NIGHT event at Calvary!!!

ps— yes, I can post things about Fall because Starbucks comes out with Pumpkin Spice Lattes tomorrow and my world still revolves around Starbucks seasons & launches!

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