2 Months!

How old are we? 2 months today! (8-8-10)
How big are we? 11 lbs 12 oz. Today I weeded out most his 0-3month clothes and had to put them away. Even his 3-6 month jeans are already a little tight. (That’s mostly because of his big cloth diapered butt tho!)
Favorite thing to eat? Mama Milk!
Favorite thing to do? Sleep, be held, and of course, EAT! We like taking walks in the sling, and seeing our friend Sam!
Sleeping? Silas likes to go to bed at 8pm. 8:01 eyes start to go and there is no turning back. He is almost always asleep by 8:30pm! He gets up a few times to nurse, and usually sleeps a 4-5 hr stretch and then 2-3hour stretches after that. He likes to sleep in too! Probably till 9 or so if we aren’t going anywhere that day!
He takes great naps too during the day! No complaining here!!!
Favorite toy? If he has to do something other then be held, he likes to play on his activity mat or swing. Sometimes we sit in the bumbo and our vibrator, but not always a winner =) He also likes the TV! If i set him in front of the TV or computer I can usually get some laundry done, a shower or eat a meal!
Favorite things to AVOID… or not do =) Riding in the car! We like going places with grandpa in his car, but not in Mama’s… even in our new big boy car seat.
Milestones from this past month… July 21st – 23rd Silas was in CHOC for a high fever. After many blood tests, IVs, antibiotics, etc… the Drs. sent us home with the diagnosis of a virus. Praise GOD it was not meningitis, or anything worse!
…We had a great week at VBS helping out and loved hanging out with the lady friends. Super cute!

Silas has such a sweet personality. He loves to snuggle with his grandma and gives killer smiles! He is very expressive with his eyebrows, it is really funny! When he goes to sleep he has to “wipe” his face on the sheets turning his head about 15 – 20times, lifts his head up, sighs, and closes his eyes. It really is quite a thing to see! I think he is going to be a very passionate, sensitive, sweet boy (I’m thinkin’ his Italian blood is showing up!) and I can’t wait to see what this next month holds! (praying less dr. visits, and no more hospitals!!!)

I can’t believe I only met this cute little guy 2 short months ago! Every day flies by and I am fully enjoying the blessings of being a mama to Silas! It is so fun to see him grow and change every day!

Happy Birthday Silas!


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