6 week chaos…

Silas turned 6 weeks last Tuesday.

Wednesday he came down with a 102.9 fever…

Dr. Sears sent us to CHOC pronto.
We were admitted to the ER and in a room within 30 min. 5 hours, 2 Spinal Taps from 2 Doctors, 3 nurses to hold Silas down, multiple pokes and blood draws later we were admitted to CHOC.
Silas was started on an IV and antibiotics, woken up ever hour or two for vitals and then we wait for his cultures to come back. His 24 hour cultures came back clean! Praise GOD! But we had to wait it out another day just to be sure. We got his IV disconnected. Sadly however, by the evening antibiotic time his IV in his hand was no good. After 3 attempts at drawing another line, they waited an hour, then got a good vein and successful IV in his foot. {Did i mention this was at 1 in the morning?]

Thankfully we were out of the CHOC by Friday afternoon with the diagnosis it was hopefully just a virus bug?! Emily, Kevin and Sam picked us up, and we made it home in time to welcome Grandma and Grandpa [Herring] home from Alaska…

With Brock away, it is great to have my parents here supporting us. With them gone, I really got a taste of life on my own! Thankful for our ever loving, and incredible neighbors the Heiners. Emily and Sam stayed with us till 11pm int he ER Wed, brought us clothes, snacks, lunch and a little bit of home on Thursday and stayed most of the day. They also came back for a visit Friday. How good they are to us! A special thanks to the O’Reilly’s and Aunt Gigi & Uncle Robert who visited as well.

We had lovely nurses who took great care of Silas and were very kind to me as well! I just got the bill today in the mail… it reminded me how much I never want to be there again =) THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE!

Thanks for all the prayers!!!

Deanna & Silas


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