Independence Day with the Ramirez Family

Silas and I had quite the weekend! Friday we spent the afternoon with Venessa, Aaron, Aloria, Justus and baby Selia Mae Knizley. Brock’s sister had baby Selia the day before Silas was born. She was 8lbs & 20 Inches even. She’s super cute! Silas and Selia got to hang out, cry, eat and nap together!
We enjoyed seeing Nani & Grandad, GrandNani & Grandfather and the Aunts & Uncles as well as many cousins. What a weekend! Hopefully we will be recovered by next weekend!!!

Grandad & Nani with their June birthday grandkids… Silas (1mo), Selia (1mo), Justus (2) & Aloria (4)

Me and Venessa with our cuties

Silas & his cousin Selia (Brock’s sister, Venessa’s daughter)

Grandad & Nani
doubled their grandkids in 2 days!

grandad & Silas

nani & cousin Devin

Silas & Selia napping together

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