Beyond Blessed

My AMAZING Midwife BJ was incredibly supportive throughout my pregnancy knowing Brock would be deployed in Afghanistan when Silas came. She continually gave me contacts or suggested things to help me during my pregnancy. Among one of her amazing “gifts” was putting me in contact with Lindsey, an aspiring birth photographer. BJ thought this would be really special for Brock as he would not be with me at the birth, and we weren’t counting on a SKYPE sesh! Lindsey and I met and I instantly fell in love with her. She has amazing passion for birth, life and to glorify God using her talents and love for photography! Lindsey and I emailed back and forth during the last couple months of my pregnancy as well, and I was so encouraged by her faith and genuine concern for me! It was an honor that she captured these amazing moments so that Brock and I care share and relieve them together, even if were separated by thousands of miles!

Praise God for how He works. His blessings continue to pour out and remind me of His love and faithfulness to His children. I never would have imagined that I could have such a beautiful birth, surrounded by so many women who loved and cared for me, even though my husband was not present. [Birth Story to come next!…. When I get some more time to sit down!!]

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