The Army Wife…

She never realized she was signing up for the Army, the day she got married
She can never plan most things because there is a 2 hour recall
She is never without her phone because missing his call is heart breaking
She keeps bags packed beside the door for when they get the call
She can’t be selfish with his time, he has a country to protect
She can never come first in his life, just his heart
She is the mother, father, sister, and brother to the one’s he leaves behind
She is always on 24 hour duty even if it doesn’t mean holding a gun
She has to be ready to pick up her entire life and move it completely at a moment’s notice
She spends many minutes, hours, days, months, and years alone
She learns that time makes it easier to adjust
She stands behind him, nomatter what he does
She is his sole support system, without her, he doesn’t run
She lives on pictures, videos, and short phone calls
She is not hardly given the credit she deserves
She is strong, brave, and above all a woman who stands by her man. HOOAH!

To all Military Wives… your service alongside your husband is so appreciate!

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