Thoughts from Wednesday

-This is a much better Wednesday afternoon! While I still miss my guy, and it’s taken me longer this time to “get back to my normal routine”, but I’m settling back in nicely.

-Loving this great weather! Fun walks in the circle, meeting friends for coffee, lunch at my favorite places, etc…

-I’m praising God for His great plans for my life! So many little and unexpected things are falling into place for Silas’s arrival. I feel so blessed to have met a gal thru my midwife who will be doing birth photography for us, she is so encouraging, sweet and a fellow BIOLA grad! I found a doula who is super excited to be part of my birthing experience, and is so helpful as well. And last but not least, my Midwife. Let me just tell you, BJ is the most fantastic person I could hope to share this event with! She deeply cares about me, my situation and is so excited about birth and pregnancy in general. I love the passion she has for everything I am going thru! It’s so wonderful to have someone who cares so deeply and loves what she does! It’s such a joy to get to see her every week! I’m so excited too that my dear friend, Laura, is taking the time out of her schedule to come down as well in a couple weeks! It’s like that saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”… I feel like it takes an army of women to birth a child. But I praise God that He has orchestrated and finely tuned every person who will be there support me and encourage me in Silas’s birth.

-I started feeling nervous, REALLY nervous, about everything a couple days ago. But after this apt with BJ, I feel ready to go! She said she’s hoping for a call this week =) We’ll see about that… Any guesses out there?!

-This week has had some really interesting turns for me. A lot of things going on in life in general. Some of them are excited, some are confusing… But I really appreciate my Mother in law sending me an email last week with this verse:
Isa. 30:21. “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “this is the way; walk in it.”
It’s really helped shape my week and the conversations I’ve been having with myself. I’m not sure I like all the things that are going on, but God is guiding me in His plan. He’s whispering sweetly in my ear, … “this is the way, walk in it”…. I need not do anything else, but follow my Saviors voice. Just like everything with Silas’s birth is slipping into place just in time, the rest of these decisions and life changes will come just in time! Just how He wants them.


One thought on “Thoughts from Wednesday

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