The Road To Afghanistan

Thank you all for praying for Brock (and me too!) this past week!

Sunday at Church we were finishing up the Road Trip of Faith series from Genesis. I was asked to share a little of our story of living in faith by Pastor Dave & Eric Wakeling in both services. Both were great times of sharing where we were, where God is leading us (as much as we know!) and how we are dealing with living on faith. Living in faith is definitely a picture of life right now. How can i not choose to put my trust in God who had all these details carefully laid out before the Creation of the world? Some would say that something went wrong, expecting a baby & deployment. But God has so carefully placed every detail in our lives, and I see His handiwork in all of these things. Don’t get me wrong, I would do anything for Brock to be here for this, and to get to experience all the new things that come with having a baby. But I’m also proud of him for having such a great attitude about being deployed and his duty to his country. His commander told his platoon and their families, that he would rather go over seas to fight “the bad guys” and take care of this now, then put it off and let the danger return to the States. I so admire those who have made this sacrifice! HOOOAH!

Anyway… Back to Brock. I’ve talked to him 1 time so far. He says he is doing ok. There are about 50 guys living in his barracks which is pretty old. But he says its not bad, at least they have heaters. Their barracks doesn’t have a bathroom, and he said it’s a nice little walk to get to them. I guess the guys are already getting cabin fever, and have had a couple fights thus far. Afghanistan now is using a new vehicle called the MRAP, which he just finished a class for. He’s gotten more shots for traveling overseas, another physical, etc…

Keep praying for Brock, 3rd Platoon & the men and women of the MP 330th company!

1 week down!

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