Starting the Journey

The journey has begun…

After almost a month of training at Camp Roberts in Central California, Brock arrived back at the Ontario armory last Friday night. We were able to spend the next few days together getting ready for his deployment. Monday evening Brock’s parent’s joined us for a surprise early birthday dinner celebration. We were blessed by almost all his local family members, along with my parents, meeting us at for dinner on Tuesday night to say good-bye as well. Wednesday, the four parents, Uncle Robert & I drove Brent to March Air Force Base for their Yellow Ribbon ceremony. It was a really nice time to see the whole 330th MP Company (about 180 National Guard men & women) who are being deployed together. We were able to meet Brock’s direct Platoon Srgt Camachoo, as well at the gunner & team leader for the Hummer or ASV that Brock will be driving.

Brock left from Ontario yesterday for Mississippi. They were greeted with stormy cold weather there! They will be at the Camp there for a little over a month before leaving for Afghanistan.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement as we begin a new journey as Brock leaves for Afghanistan.

-Deanna & Brock

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