Things to Remember

Since Brock is leaving in 8 days, I thought now would be a great time to remind myself of what a great man, husband, friend & soldier he is. So while he is away, and there are tough days, I know that God will help remind me of what a great blessing He has given me in my husband and I plan to let ya ‘all know =)

-Helping Hands. While I really try to keep the house clean, laundry going, dinner on by a reasonable hour, and beer in the fridge… errr I mean food… sometimes I just can’t do it all the way I want. Ever since we have been married, Brock has helped out a lot around the house. Strangely enough, we have never worked similar hours. So whoever is home at the time puts in a load of laundry, cleans up the kitchen here and there, etc… It’s really lovely to have your husband help you out around the house and not look down on you because you didn’t get to something. While I really am working on my cleaning skills (especially the bathroom!!!), I’m thankful for all the help I can get in the meantime!

-Endless Eater. I’m not the greatest cook ever, by any means. But I do try & love to do it when time allows. But I am really thankful my husband isn’t a picky eater! (Mostly) He even prefers Mac & Cheese, or Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches sometimes. I’m thankful that as long as my fridge has tortillas & peanut butter, my husband is a happy man!

-Understanding. I’m thankful he listens & tries to understand me. The other day, I tearfully told him how stressed I was about all the things yet to be done, dealt with, or figured out, in just 10 days before he leaves for training. I had been trying to hold it in, as to not be perceived as “nagging”. But I finally popped emotionally. Thankfully, Brock sat with me, listened to my frustrations, and with in the next few days started working on such lists & to do items, even keeping me in the loop!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

Thank you for loving me, following Christ & serving our country selflessly! I love you!

One thought on “Things to Remember

  1. Beautiful post. You talk about your husband the way my wife talks about me. Women like you are in short supply. May your family be blessed and may Brock be safe in the course of his most noble duty.

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