Being Intentional

Since Brock’s position/post got eliminated a couple weeks ago we have been praying that the company would find him a new position. It would be hard for him to find a new job at this point in time with deploying in the next month or so.

After praying for 2 weeks, Brock finally has a new job. Praise God. However, I am a little disappointed in his hours. Mondays & Tuesdays he will be working from 2pm-10pm (overlapping my job hours) and then Wednesday & Thursday 10pm – 6am. But he will have Fridays off. So while I am thankful he is going back to work tomorrow, I can’t help but be sad that we will miss spending a few evenings together now.

…How do you be intentional about the time you DO get to spend together?

We also found out last weekend that Brock has multiple trips and trainings in the next month before he deploys. Supposedly they will leave for the first part of training in March. This does give us more time then we had thought together.

Again…How do you be intentional about the time you DO get to have together?
I want to make the most of this time we have together now. I’d love ideas on ways to make our time special and memorable together.

One thought on “Being Intentional

  1. Drew and I know what you are going through. We see eachother Monday night and then not again until Friday night. He works Tuesday, Wed. and Thursday nights (well every other Thursday). It makes your time together way more special. Don't just sit around and waste time. Do intentional things that require communication. It is nice to veg together but we try to work in game time, walks, grocery shopping together, random trips to target to buy something stupid and silly, whatever it is since our times during the week are so limited. He also works 1 Sunday night out of the month on top of the weeknights and some Fridays and Saturdays every so often so we totally know what you are feeling. Cherish every moment and continue to ask yourself how you can be intentional and you will enjoy all the time you are blessed with! When your not with him keep yourself busy!!! πŸ™‚

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