New Years

As another year comes to a close, I am starting to feel very old. Yes, one reason may be because I just left a party to be in my bed and jamies by 10pm. However, the main reason is, I feel like time is flying by me too quickly.

2009 was a year full of growth and reliance on God for me. But praise God He is faithful in all things.
-the beginning of the year brought about a move to Northern California for my best friend. it’s been a hard separation, especially when there have been so many things we could have used each other close by for.
-starting a women’s Bible study with some wives from our newly weds class at Calvary. awesome experience for me, and loved getting to know these gals in a deeper way.
-brock’s training in st. louis, mo. from april – august. such a growing time for our marriage, relationship and us as individuals.
-surprised to find out we were pregnant and brock was deploying to Afghanistan the same day was a big step in our marriage as well. making a decision to stay in california, versus moving to tennessee took a lot, but relying on God to show us the way was an incredible feeling.
-moving to orange has been a blessing. we love living on our own again and sharing a lot of time together.
-brock’s position at the security company being eliminated with only two days notice this past week has also been another area to trust God with.

2010 will have many challenges of it’s own along with many blessings to be sure.
-starting our girls Bible study again
-waiting for news on the timing of brock’s deployment in january/february for training in the states and eventually afghanistan in march/april
– a visit from the zickefoose family
-looking forward to my last day of working at the end of march
-a trip to nashville to see my sister
-baby boy buoniconti’s arrival

I’m looking forward to an amazing year full of God’s grace and peace.


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