No Pictures Here…

I get the hints, I’ve read the comments. But you know, I’m just too lazy. I have taken a few pictures of our tree, a the few decorations we have up and the Living Nativity Brock & I were in last week. But it seems like to much effort to find my camera cord, and upload the pictures. So I’ll save that for another post and take pictures of how cute our house looks with the lights up and do a picture post tonight.

However, I realized I’ve only posted 1 or 2 times about Baby B. Baby B is now 17 weeks old. I’ve still been feeling pretty good minus the head cold I currently have. I haven’t gained any weight and am somewhat dreading my next Midwife appointment to weight-in. I’ve been watching what I eat, but extra carrots & Ranch, apples, string cheese and other “healthy” snacks don’t help boost my daily calorie count very much.

We are waiting to figure out an insurance problem, and hopefully will make out 20 week ultra sound appointment soon to find out if were having a little boy or girl!

So, I guess that mostly all that is going on.

Better get back to my list of to do’s!


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