Christmas In Old Towne

Reason # 369 why I love living in Old Town Orange:

Christmas Time!

Brock & I walked down to the Circle for the Christmas Tree Ceremony with our neighbors, Emily & Kevin. We bundled up and headed down just in time for some carols and, lo and behold, the reading of the Christmas story from Luke!

We were all surprised they still did this! In a world where “Merry Christmas” is taboo, and your only allowed to say “Happy Holidays” in fear you may offend someone, it is so refreshing to hear the Christmas story told to a packed audience. The songs also followed suit, leaving Santa, Rudolf & Frosty out in the cold. We enjoyed many Christmas Carols which reflected the true meaning of Christmas and loved every minute of it!

Now if people only stopped to listen to the words of the songs and think about the impact of the baby’s birth so many years ago… THEN we would REALLY be on to something!


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