Christmas Traditions…

I love the holidays! I get excited when Thanksgiving is almost here, and Christmas is just around the corner.

However, I usually have to wrangle my hubby in to go get a tree, put up lights, etc…

Usually we kind of just do our thing here or there, but this year I want to start making our own family traditions:

-This year I want to kick of the season with a Christmas Tree night. Making cookies & hot chocolate, music and maybe a movie while decorating the house & tree and maybe a special dinner?
-Christmas Eve we always go to Brock’s Nani’s house for a dinner with lots of Mexican food and a gift exchange.
-Christmas morning we usually do by ourselves and I try to whip up a nice breakfast. (However, every year thus far I’ve had the flu and haven’t even eaten it!)
-Christmas mid-morning we usually head to my parents for gifts & then whatever the rest of the family is doing.

What does your family do? What makes Christmas special to you? Any special traditions that you love to keep doing? PLEASE SHARE!

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