Being an adult SUCKS


Brock and I are trying to make a decision. A BIG decision.

Last Saturday Brock took part in a small ceremony welcoming home soldiers from Basic.
When he received his Military Police Unit pin, the Srgt. told him he was deploying to
Afghanistan in March, 2010. While we hear the news swirling around us that the Middle
East Ward is calming down and less soldiers are being sent, that doesn’t mean no more
are being sent apparently.

While is was big news, and not news i necessarily wanted to hear, I know God is faithful.
My prayer was that God would give us at least 1 month together before Brock would have
to leave again. And God has abundantly blessed us with 6 months together!

However, we were planning on moving soon. So now what? After talking with his bosses
we were given about a week to decided. In 2 weeks Brock’s name goes on the list, and
he WILL ship out in March.

There are so many possibilities to consider. Do we stay here? Do we move to Tennessee?
There are so many uncertainties and things to cause my heart to stumble. But I know
my God is carefully planning each and every step we make. Now I am praying we carefully
listen to His guiding and follow wherever He leads.


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