That Sucks!

Lately i have been trying to be more gracious in dealing with people, especially homeless people. If someone comes up and asks me for money, I try and be kind and tell them i will buy them some food instead.  With that being said…

Last weekend i went out to dinner with some friends. I was meeting them at Rubio’s in the Tustin Marketplace. I was waiting at a table when a lady approached me with a baby and asked me (in broken English) for money. I told her i didn’t have an cash to give her, but i would buy her food. She declined and went to the next person. She ended up coming back to me and asked me again for money. I said again, i didn’t have any cash to give her, but i would love to buy her some dinner. She finally said, “ok, ok“. After i asked her what she wanted, she said she didn’t care, but any “tacos”. So I got her a couple items…. The guy who rang me up threw in some extra food and a drink for her as well. So i get the food and go outside to find her… I can’t find her ANYWHERE! Who begs for money, gets food and then disappears?! Anyway, she finally comes back, from a CAR! with a purse  on her arm now and cell phone in hand… She sees me and stuffs her cell in her top and comes over to me. She says thanks and asks me for money AGAIN! Seriously?! 

So my friend, Erin & I head inside. We stand in line. Lo & behold, the same lady enters as well with a young man. He stands in line with the receipt from the food. Tells the lady ringing him up that they did not get the food! I stepped in and said I just handed them the food, and that I ordered it in the first place! Then he changed his story, again and again, trying to get free food! 

Seriously?! Well… I tried to help out. Even if she wasn’t very receptive to my help, I’m excited to buy the next person who asks for some food!

Have you run in to this? How does it make you feel when someone doesn’t seem thankful or grateful for a kind gesture? 

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