Brock Update #4

A little update on Brock –
He sounded sick to me, but he said he isn’t sick anymore… or at least feeling better! However, he got pink eye! 12/50 guys in his platoon have it. He said it is not fun at all. i can only imagine! Its not ever fun to have pink eye, let alone AT BOOT CAMP!

They have been using their weapons this past week he said. Yesterday the did their weapons test – He got sharp shooter. He was really bummed that he missed expert by 2 shots! But he said he can’t see very well because of the pink eye with his eyes being puffy. poor guy! He said he really enjoyed the shooting week. However, you get 40 rounds which takes about takes 20 min to go thru. But you have to stay out there for 12 hrs for everyone to get their turn. Your not allowed to talk, but people talk so they get in trouble and have to hold their weapons over their head for so long until someone tells them that they can put it down. 

He said he is getting a little homesick now, so that is a prayer request too, along with the pink eye!
We got cut off in the middle of talking and I’m not sure what happened =(

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