Because its my freedom…

Now to start some controversy… 

Today I twitted (is that the correct tense???) “I really don’t care about the swineflu and think naming it the Mexican flu is a great idea”… I created an uprising on facebook that i am racist. While i am not at all racist, and my younger sister, husband & brother in-law (and hence my 5 nieces & nephews!) are ALL 1/2 Mexican or “Hispanic” to be politically correct… 
First of all, CNN was talking on CNN News all day about the Swine Flu or the “Bush Aid” that made a stupid move… really? I get people are sick, and dieing in Mexico, but more babies are dieing from ABORTION EACH HOUR then the freakin SwineFlu has since it has come to be. 

I just think it’s so sad that “liberals” (well anyone really!) will take away my freedom to say i don’t care about the swine flu and publicize and get the media all over this “flu”. But something as critical as Abortion is off limits… It drives me insane… 

Last November, the day before the Presidential Election, Daniel (my brother) & I posted as our status “supremacist liberation theology marxist muslim anti jew constitution hating baby killing…Oh..I mean Barack Obama” on Facebook. (Each of these things i have heard the President say, or i feel are founds, but some say these things aren’t… OK, so it’s debatable depending on who you are…) Together we received over 200 comments. I ended up deleting my status & comments & emails after i received many that were offensive,  as i would call it. Many people called me “illiterate”, “uneducated”, “stupid”, and even some words that i wont use here. I thought it amazing that these people would attack our “freedom” of speech as to how we FEEL about the then Presidential Candidate. However, they were free to say anything that came to mind about the CURRENT & Now past President. 

Isn’t interesting when the tables are turned? How people will fight for something that is “their right” when it helps them?Yet when it comes to something that hurts them, they find a way to say its irrelevant, wrong or maybe politically incorrect?
I don’t want to be like that, or know for being like that. What would this look like to you? How can I as a Christian live out my life taking in both sides of the controversy, yet stand strong and living a Godly life. 

I hope i articulate what I am feeling well. I’m not sure i did. But i would love feedback on what you think. I hope I don’t insult anyone with my thoughts and ramblings…

5 thoughts on “Because its my freedom…

  1. I wouldnt worry about what others say or comment on how you feel. I agree with most of the things you say. It’s sad how people are in this world. Just continue, being yourself!

  2. Hey Deanna!I could see how it my come off sounding racist but at the same time how is it any different then calling it the Spanish Flu from the 1918 pandemic? I liked reading your thoughts, I thought they were interesting…don’t know if I have any helpful ideas tho…but I agree it is frustrating!

  3. I think it’s wrong how you would want to call it the “Mexican Flu”. Why because it started in Mexico? I do think it’s racial. Why would someone even think of this? I am sure you wouldn’t want it to be called “the white people or caucasion flu.” It’s just the point of you are being stereo type. I agree abortion is wrong. I am not agruing with you on that one. But as a believer in God as well, who are YOU and I to judge others? Let them make their decisons and pay for it in the end, After all they are the ones to answer God. Everyone has their opinion, but I agree you might have taken it a bit far with the “Mexican Flu”

  4. I agree with the person above. I think you should basically worry about yourself and how you live your life. Everyone has their own religon, everyone has freedom. By you throwing this freedom card, does this mean it’s ok to yell N____R because its your freedom of speech? No, somethings are better left unsaid. As an african american myself not even Mexican I think it’s wrong. (We all have our point of views) I get your points about abortion however I dont think I can sit here and throw stones at people who do it. Its not our job. I feel if women are going to be having sex before marriage or without protection – make them have the baby. If they dont want it give it up for adoption. But dont kill it. I believe tons of women take advantage of this.

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