Day 4…

After dropping Brock off at Los Alimitos on Monday afternoon, he headed to LA for the night. Tuesday morning he was up at 4am and on a bus the the LA MEPS station to finishing up his paper work & get his orders to leave. However, as many people like to lovingly refer to the military motto “hurry up & wait” Brock found this all too true! He got processed and hit many bumps in the road that left him waiting all day! Mostly people pointing fingers saying someone else should have finished this or that. Around 6pm (14 hours of waiting around) Brock got sent back to the hotel for the night with NO ORDERS to leave! I was able to meet him at his hotel and bring him some dinner before picking some friends up from the airport! He was a little discouraged, frustrated with the military and tired. 

Wednesday he got up and had to be back at the MEPS station by 4am again. However, the person to finish up his paper work didn’t come in until 9am. He waited around to talk with the investigator for his security clearance, and was done by 10am. He had to wait again, until 2pm, which ended up being 5pm, to get his shopping orders! We talked on the phone for a couple minuets, but i could only take saying good-bye so many times =)

This morning he called me at 6am to let me know he made it to the airport (which was less than a mile from the hotel, but after all the run-arounds he had these past few days i started to wonder!) and his flight was at 7:30am. He made it to St. Louis, Missouri around 11am our time. After having some lunch with 3 other guys, who flew with him on their way to boot camp as well, a bus picked them up around 2pm to head to Ft. Lenard Wood!

Thanks for all your prayers! We appreciate them so much!
Love, Deanna


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