New Chapter…

It’s been a surreal few months since Brock has joined the Army National Guard. When he enlisted, i was thinking he would ship off within days of being sworn in, or at least within the month. However, the day he was sworn in, we found out he would not be shipped off until April. Since then we have tried to enjoy the time we have together, making every moment count and doing countless new things to make memories. However, that was 5 months ago…

And here were are, April 5th. I have entered this new world of Military that is so unfamiliar and new. Weekends away and the ever looming 16 weeks apart. Each time Brock would return from a meeting with his recruiter, i would find out a new piece of information, or his stint in Missouri would become longer. The Military is an ever changing thing and flexibility is a new character trait i must acquire. Not only with and for my husband, but a third party i can not cajole to my likes…

I toyed with the idea of starting a blog for Brock as he is away for those of you who want to keep tabs on him as he is away. However, i think i will just post here and make it look like my life is more interesting then it is! (haha!) So look for the labels: “Brock, Army, Boot Camp” to keep apprised of his situation.

Now the 411 on his new excursion:

Monday 4/6 – I will be taking Brock to Los Alomitos (his station)tomorrow to meet his Recruiter @ 2pm! They will then drive to L.A. and spend the night @ a hotel in the area.
~PRAYER: For Him as he starts his journey! For Me & my drive home, i think it’ll be really long and hard =( & that I can keep it together long enough to get in the car!

Tuesday 4/7 – Brock will head to the L.A. MEPS Station to be processed around 4am (Hence why I’m not driving up to LA on Tuesday AM!) and spend the day finishing up that stuff.
~PRAYER: That Brock has all papers in order, physicals go well (again!) and he has peace! I may be able to see him at the hotel when he finishes for the day, 2nd good-bye are always hard.

Wednesday 4/8 – Brock flies to Missouri! He arrives sometime Wednesday and will start “reception” and physicals there as well.

We’re not sure when Brock will actually START boot camp, as they have to wait for enough people to begin. He could wait as long as 3 extra weeks to start!
~PRAYER: That Brock would stand strong while waiting and God would give him peace as he goes thru all the testing & such before getting started!

This is where it gets good! Brock will only get a 5 min phone call about every 3 weeks. He has the opportunity to write everyday, but he also has to shower and clean, etc… within the allotted time. So while i am planing on writing him every day, i know it maybe be tough for him to write me.

Look for coming posts on phone calls, letters & how it’s all going!
If you want to write him (I’m sure he’d LOVE mail!) let me know, and i will get you an address as soon as i find out!

Thanks for your prayers ahead of time & all the love & support!


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