How Long?

I was talking with my friend Sarah today at lunch about politics. Obama’s inauguration is drawing near, and news is flying. News about Bush and his presidency as a failure (which i totally don’t support by the way) and how Obama will lead us and bring us out of this depression crap, etc… etc… 

But as i read the news, listen to the headlines, and pray, i wonder where these next four (God willing ONLY FOUR!) year will lead us. CNN headline news today excitedly headlined a quote from Obama as saying our Constitution is outdated and is pushing for a revision/new Constitution. SERIOUSLY! His presidency has not yet started and we already hear him petitioning/campaigning to change such freedoms as the right to bear arms, right to assemble, bringing gays into the military at any cost, nationalized health, etc… 

So i wonder how much longer we will have a pledge of allegiance to say, or a national anthem that is not against the law, or values to hold to that are still upheld by our country. 

I think Obama needs to download some basic History & Government episodes of School House Rock for his iPod =) 

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