One of those days…

Do you ever just have one of those days? Where you try to plan everything out just right, but of course, it just doesn’t turn out that way!

Well, today T, D & I were planing on going to San Juan Capistrano on the train. We had to take mom & dad to the airport for their flight at 10. So we should be able to catch the 10:30 train, right?… 
WRONG! I passed the street to the Santa Ana Train Station. Then, we arrived 10 min before the train. AWESOME. But no parking, OF COURSE! After parking, RUNNING to the station and get there. We buy our tickets, run our there, and it leaves. AWESOME. Next train? 1.5hrs later.

Moving forward, 2 hours later… we go to the petting zoo at San Juan. What? $13 for 1 adult, 2 kids and 2 cups of food? RIP OFF! Whatever. We feed the Guinna pigs, the bunnies, etc… Head over to the goat pen. The goats ATTACK us. Seriously. Jumping, taking our food, etc… we ran out of there quick. 
So after we saw the Ostrich, Tortoise, Llama, pig and miniature horse we head over the the Mission.

The SJC Mission is beautiful no doubt. But HOARDS of kids come running out. SCHOOL FIELD TRIP. Awesome. We go inside to buy tickets… WHAT? $20 for the 3 of us to get in? Yeah right. With the attention span of a 5 & 10 year old, no way jose

So we end up eating lunch at Ruby’s… great, 1 hour later, were waiting for the train. Of course we missed one by 5 min. So we wait the hour for the next one. I buy our tickets at the kiosk like the elderly man at the “help” booth told us. 2:40 rolls around and we hear the train. Walk on and the lady tells us we bought the wrong tickets! AWESOME! We run to the ticket counter, (where we can not get a refund for the other tickets we got) Thank GOD we got on the train. I would have killed myself.

So when mom & dad called tonight, guess what the highlights were of the day?:
-Dee got lost, we were late for our first train! We had to wait for an hour for the next one!
-We went to the zoo. The goat hit me in the crotch
-Dee bought the wrong tickets and we had to run, buy more and the get on the train.

Great… thanks guys… glad i made such and impression on you =)

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