November 4th…

The day is drawing near… November 4th is the day when our country will decide who will lead our country for the next 4 years.

This election seems to have been drawn out for forever. Thankfully it will be coming to a close. Hopefully we will not have another “hanging chad” incident, or contested votes to deal with and we will have a President voted into office on Tuesday night.
While the whole of the election is very nerve racking and is hard for me not to be scared, I’m glad that we do indeed serve a God who has it all under control! There are so many laws to be passed, such as Prop 8, that will shape our lives, and the country in which we will raise our children. Not to mention the president and what ramifications that will have our our country and lives as well. It is hard to look at Obama and see what good would come from his presidency. I don’t care what you call it, he’s a communist. I don’t understand why he thinks it will work for him this time. What about all the failed attempts before him?

We live in a great nation. Built on principles. Years ago we would have never thought this day would come in our country. But we, like every great nation before, from Egypt, to Alexander the Great, we too will not last forever. But what will bring this country to defeat? Our turning away from God. I truly believe with all my heart, that if we remained in God’s will, our country might keep on rising as a great country of freedom. But we have bought into the world’s lies and we too will fall. I pray that it is not in my lifetime, but somehow i doubt that.

The biggest discussion in our house is our right to bearing arms. Will Obama push for citizens to be stripped of their right to bear arms? If so, i fear we will be moving to Mexico! Or suggesting that Alaska break off into it’s own country and Sara Palin becoming president!

Anyway, even though theses times are tough and scary, I’m glad that we can hope in our God. That He has a perfect plan, and his sovereignty will prevail. That no matter what happens:

…The Bible will still have all the answers,
…Prayer sill still work,
…The Holy Spirit will still move,
…God will still inhabit the praises of His people.
…There will still be God anointed preaching,
…There will still be singing of praises to God,
…God will still pour out blessings upon His people,
…There will still be room at the Cross for you,
…Jesus will still love you,
and Jesus will still save the lost if they turn to Him.
He will still be in control!

Want voting info? Check this out!


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