Fall is here…I think?

Fall Is Here!

I think fall is here… but I’m not really sure.

There was rain, and cold nights, frost on the windshield, wind, and hot chocolate…
Hockey, Football, Election Debates, the end of Baseball…
Pumpkin Patches, Christmas Decorations, Thanksgiving menu planning…

But then there is also…
The 90* weather, DAY and NIGHT, shorts and tank tops…
BBQs, swimming in the pool, Iced Coffee…


But whatever the weather, i am so excited for the onset of fall!
-Apple Picking @ Oak Glen
-There is the UnHalloween at our Church that is still exciting (even tho I’m 22!) and this year i am determined to win a cake at the cake walk!
-Pie Making & Bread Baking
-Thanksgiving Menu planing & eating (I’m not sure what’s better, the planing & anticipation or the actual eating?)
-Tree Lighting in Old Towne Orange
-Christmas parties, Christmas cookie making, Baking, Christmas music, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations & lights, Christmas shopping! JUST CHRISTMAS!
-New Years Eve, New Years!

I just LOVE this time of year!


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