I got my butt kicked…

And i was just laying there on the table!!!

Yes, i had a massage this afternoon. It had been a long time coming. I got a gift certificate from my lovely friends the O’Reilly Family a couple years back for my birthday. I guess i just got so busy and kept putting it off. But finally i decided i needed to go! I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks and thought it would be nice to treat myself (and i didn’t even have to pay a cent!). So, i made an appointment for today.

Let me tell you, this lady knows how to get a knot out! WHOOOEEEE! First, i went into my room and got under the Β covers. That part is always a little intimidating. The bed was nice and warm and i almost fell asleep before she came back! The music was very soothing and the candles smelled amazing. Anyway, great massage. But it was weird that some lady i didn’t know was rubbing my butt… on the other hand, maybe its better that way!!! I’ve also never had my armpits rubbed or massaged. STRANGE experience, let me tell you! She worked me really hard!! And every time she would push hard on a certain spot in my back, my stomach would gurgle! It was so weird… and i was so embarrased!!! HAHA… i felf like i was working out for hours after that and my muscles were a little sore!

All in all, it was extremely relaxing. Especially after getting up at 3am this morning to go to work at Starbucks—which by the way was really great. I slipped back in with no problem! Making drinks, Order taking at the drive-thru, etc etc… but the best part, i didn’t have to tell everyone (or anyone!) what to do. I’m really digging this!!! So while my management career at Starbucks was great (in & of itself- the job description!) and i learned a lot and it gave me GREAT work experience, I’m really excited to get back to the simple life at the SBUX…Β 

Ahhh Weekends…. i love relaxing and I’m loving this weather!!! =) Saturday is only half over, and I’m already looking forward to next week!!!

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